Pictured is Josh Samson delivering a cheque to Stacy Marsh of the Campbell River Hospital Foundation to purchase new iPads for residents of long-term care facilities or the ICU.

The Hospital Foundation supports our front line workers as they navigate a new normal in long-term care to protect the residents from COVID- 19. One of the methods they have provided residents is by using technology such as iPads for virtual visits with their family. They are able to connect with each other visually and not just through a window or speaking on a phone. It is especially useful if family members live out of town. They can now have multiple members connect online at the same time to visit with their loved one.

For the residents who have dementia, seeing and hearing a familiar voice stimulates their long term memories and reduces responsive behaviours seen in the progression of this disease. Human connection is key to the vitality of life and the Hospital Foundation is key to sustaining this for Campbell River’s long-term care residents.


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