Sorting the Order

Neighbourhood Small Grants are another way we “help people help others”. The story below shows how a small neighbourhood grant helped boost an initiative designed to help people get supplies to the islands around Surge Narrows. The program, they call the Remote Community Grocery Delivery, was submitted by Sheila Hollanders and was so successful it continues to this day.

“Getting supplies to the islands around Surge Narrows has never been easy. COVID added another level of danger to the whole endeavour. The families needed to have supplies brought in to the islands rather than everyone making individual trips to town. They needed some simple coordination to keep the cost reasonable and to reduce the collective work load.

The grant from the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program helped people to experience the value of grocery delivery, establishing their habit of using the service. As word has spread, the number of participants has increased with each delivery, and been maintained even though the grant assistance has ended and we have started to receive bills for shipping. We now have twelve households participating regularly and six others use the service occasionally. We expect these numbers to double in the summer when the population increases. The homecare service also receives food bank supplies from Healthy Way. Over the winter, we have scheduled deliveries for every other week but expect that to increase to weekly during the summer with more customers.

We are very grateful for the Neighbourhood Small Grant Program, which gave a wonderful boost to this initiative and helped prove its viability. We hope to continue the service, with an all-volunteer crew, well into the future.”

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