UPDATE: June 27, 2020

The Campbell River Community Foundation is proud to have partnered with Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada to deliver the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) in Campbell River.

Our community foundation has granted the full funding available to our community through the ECSF. We are unfortunately no longer accepting ECSF applications.

Launched on May 19, 2020, we’ve invested $75,000 through the ECSF towards local charities and qualified donees supporting populations experiencing heightened vulnerability during this crisis.

 We are pleased to announce the ECSF has supported projects including:

$ 10,000: Campbell River and North Island Transition Society to ensure that women are still able to access individual and group support services.

$  8,355: Campbell River Beacon Club Society to provide clients dealing with mental health issues support through online connections, life skill workshops, and food security.

$  3,845: Campbell River Hospice Society to provide Palliative Outreach packages for people who are facing end-of-life during COVID-19.

$ 16,300: Campbell River Hospice Society to upgrade Second to None Thrift Store to meet COVID-19 requirements in order to fully operate the store which provides critical funding to Hospice Care.

$  1,000: Canadian Council of the Blind to provide members with Audio Books during this isolation period.

$  2,500: Ecotrust Canada to support the B.C. COVID-19 Active Fishermen’s Committee in responding to the challenges Campbell River area fish harvesters face in their essential work due to the pandemic.

$  8,000: Linnaea Farm Society to build food literacy and security – from farm to folks who are in need.

$ 10,000: North Island Supportive Recovery Society to continue to offer much needed detox and recovery services to clients, while keeping them and staff as safe as possible during the pandemic.

$  5,000: The John Howard Society of North Island to purchase grocery store gift cards to give to clients who are struggling at this time due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

$ 10,000: The Salvation Army to assist with the added and unforeseen expense due to COVID 19.

Since the start of the pandemic, charities and non-profit organizations have been leading the charge to assist those who need it most in the fight against COVID-19. We know the need for funding is still significant.  Please keep checking our website for current information about our COVID-19 Relief Fund.  We will also provide information on our website should any other funding become available.

 For more information please contact:

Craig Gillis, CRCF Chair (250) 203-6330

Dan Wickham, CRCF Task Force Chair ( 250) 203-8503


Apply Now



Eligible Projects

The ECSF is an opportunity to make sure we are not leaving any Canadians behind during COVID-19.​


Many different types of projects are eligible for funding. Registered charities and other “qualified donees” can apply through community foundations for projects that:

  1. Address a well-being need caused by COVID-19.
  2. Serve one or more vulnerable groups such as seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans, newcomers, refugees, women, children and youth, LGBTQ2 people, Indigenous people and racialized people, such as Black Canadians and others.
  3. Will be completed before March 31, 2021.

Examples of Eligible Projects

  • Increased staffing and supplies at a shelter for women and children fleeing violence
  • Food supplies for First Nations members living on-reserve, where supplies and delivery are interrupted
  • Equipment for a food bank to accommodate rise in food orders
  • Technology enabling seniors in-residence to connect with their families virtuallyPreparing and delivering food for persons with disabilities

Community Foundations are working with United Way Centraide Canada and the Canadian Red Cross to distribute the ECSF. You can only receive ECSF funding from one of us for the same project costs.



Applying Online

The Online Application can be found here. It has some brief questions about your project and the vulnerable groups your organization is supporting. Deadline for applications is JULY 27, 2020 and all grant projects must be completed by MARCH 31, 2021.

You can find additional information about the Fund and all the materials you need to prepare an application at the Community Foundations of Canada.



Application Process

If you have a project that matches these criteria, the application is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Applications will be received and assessed on a weekly rolling basis, so that you can get an answer as soon as possible. The final closing date to submit an application will be July 27, 2020.



Streamlined Reporting

Reporting requirements for projects approved for funding will be as light as possible – we know community-based organizations have important work to deliver right now. This process includes a short description of the outcomes and, once you have finished the project, a brief report due by April 1, 2021.