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You never know when you may have played a small part in being a blessing to
someone in desperate need.
Below is a thank you note written to us by Lt. Violet Hopkins, Corps Officer/Pastor from the

Salvation Army after receiving a grant through our Covid-19 Relief Fund.
We had a senior who reached out to the Salvation Army, knowing that she would be able to find the support she desperately needed during this pandemic. We learned she had brain cancer and no way of getting food delivered as she did not have a credit card and no one near to help her. Being able to provide home cooked food options that our chef created and froze as well as our food hampers was very much appreciated and we received praise from her family who were comforted to know we were there when they couldn’t be.
While the current pandemic has caused emotional and financial stress for many people, being able to offer a helping hand was very comforting for our staff and organization.
Lt. Violet Hopkins
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