You Can Make a Difference

Our Endowment Fund totals just over $2,360,000. It is invested with the Vancouver Foundation, with assets of over $3 billion. This enables us to distribute$70,000 among local non-profits.

Our goal is to increase our Endowment Fund to $5 million by 2025. This will help grow our community into an even more healthy, vibrant, and beautiful place to live.

You can create a permanent endowment for the betterment of Campbell River by way of two (2) basic funding arrangements available with the Foundation.

  • Unrestricted and Field of Interest Funds
  • Restricted Funds


The first type of fund is unrestricted whereby donors make a contribution to the Foundation and the Foundation’s granting committee determines which local organizations will receive a grant from the income earned. An offshoot of this unrestricted fund is a field of interest fund whereby the donor indicates that the earned income can only be used to support certain groups such as those for youth or seniors, a sport, or the like.

The second type of fund is restricted whereby donors contribute money to the Foundation and the income earned flows back through to the donating organization. We have invested funds for the Campbell River Museum and Archive Society Endowment and the Centennial Park Preservation and Enhancement Fund. In 2003 the Campbell River Hospital Foundation also invested an amount with us. We are currently discussing with other local organizations the possibility of investing their funds with us. We should point out that any funds donated to the CRCF are invested by the Vancouver Foundation. They provide us with responsible, prudent investment direction that comes with their years of experience and substantial portfolio size. This allow us to gain economies of scale and expertise not typically available to a foundation our size.

For more information please contact us by email at or you can call us at 250-895-1180

  • Sir Winston Churchill

    We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

    - Sir Winston Churchill
  • Kerry & Barry Watchorn

    We have chosen to invest in the Campbell River Community Foundation because it is a way of giving back to the community and a continuing future legacy in which the funds are well managed and not heavy in administration fees. Local organizations in need are well served by this growing Foundation.

    - Kerry & Barry Watchorn