An Interactive Community Christmas Celebration

Online Show: Tickets are available until December 31, 2020

Purchase the Online Show ($15 per household) for a community Christmas celebration – and we invite you to follow the steps below to create an extra special evening.

Before the 1.5 hour show begins at 7:00:

  1. Dress in cozy clothes
  2. Light a special candle
  3. Prepare a festive tea, hot chocolate, or some kind of Christmas cheer to sip as you watch the show.
  4. Bring out some cookies or, better yet (!), bake them during the Cookie Baking part of the show.  This will bring the smells and tastes of Christmas into your home.  
  5. Gather some jingle bells or something that makes some good, loud noise.  We will let you know when to ring them!


If you ordered the Box of Hugs before they sold out, this is what you can expect on December 20th:

Hug in a Box, created in the spirit of the season, is an expression of joy and connection. It is carefully designed to bring the smells, tastes, sounds, and feelings of Christmas into your home, safely. 

This event is an engaging journey for the senses. A present (Hug) will be delivered to your door on December 20, filled with locally sourced Christmas surprises. Before the one-hour show begins, you will be invited to dress in cozy clothes, light the candle, turn on your oven, plug in the kettle, etc. You will actually make the holiday cheer and bake (and eat!) Christmas cookies as part of the event. 



Hug in a Box is a gift to our community.

The Campbell River Community Foundation is proudly working with the Tidemark, Chamber of Commerce, Peanut Gallery, Amy Lelliot Singers, CR DanceXtreme, and many local businesses/groups to make this 1-hour event bring joy to our community. 

You may choose to purchase the online show ($15 per household) or Hug in a Box ($75 per household, includes the online show).

Date: Sunday, December 20, 2020
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm from the comfort of your own home

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